Social Ministry Resources

We have gathered these resources to assist in the planning and practices of your Social Justice Committee.    For any questions regarding these resources, please contact Steve Schmitz, Social Ministry Liaison, whose contact information is on the left side of the page.


  • Charity vs. Justice This chart helps us illustrate the difference in focus to two forms of committee.
  • Parish Social Ministry Tool Kit In this tool kit you will find a collection of strategies and resources that have been developed by Parish Social Ministry leaders from across the country. This document contains great information but does have some links to CCUSA resources that are broken. We have notified CCUSA and will update the PDF file once the links are fixed.
  • Vision 2000 Complete Book Vision 2000, promulgated in 1999, established a vision and goals for the Archdiocese of Dubuque in the 21st Century.  Presented in the format of a workbook, it presents the Archdiocesan mission and goals with supporting strategies in four key areas: Community, Word of God, Leadership and Families.
  • Parish Social Ministry Together in the Work for Justice In 2003, Catholic Charities USA led a listening session to uncover some strategies for building and sustaining relationships with parishes by hearing the pastor’s perspective.  This manual is a sharing of these insights gained for anyone who wants to build and sustain fruitful relationships with parishes.
  • Archdiocese of Dubuque Featured web site content changes weekly but you can see an archived list here:

This week we are featuring the Summer Webinar Series.  These presentations on various councils, commissions, and committees have been created and recorded with coordination provided by Dan Rohner, Director of Leadership Development and Pastoral Planning.  They are designed to provide you with information you can review as you have time if you missed the live webinar.