Leave Your Legacy through the Catholic Charities Foundation

How would you like to be remembered?

This is something we all think about as we look at our lives and weigh the contributions we have made during our time on earth. The best way to ensure that your life has a positive impact on society long after you have gone is to establish a legacy with an organization you care about and believe in.  What is important to you?  Does it involve helping people who are poor and suffering?  Have you always cared about and supported the work of Catholic Charities?  Then perhaps continuing that support as a part of your legacy is important to you.

Establishing your legacy may be easy. The Catholic Charities Foundation was established as a separate corporation for the sole purpose of managing Catholic Charities investments and supporting the organization’s work now and into the future.  By making a bequest to Catholic Charities Foundation in your will, trust or estate plan you can establish your legacy as a caring supporter and advocate for the work of Catholic Charities.  Select an amount that you and your family feel good about, whether that be a percentage, or a fixed amount of your estate that you would like to leave to Catholic Charities.  Simply make your wishes known and we can help you bring your charity to life!

We ask that you prayerfully consider Catholic Charities as you plan your charitable donations and bequests. By making a legacy gift you will be remembered in the grateful hearts of the people we serve for years to come.  For more information please call 800.772.2758.