Post-Adoption Search

Catholic Charities understands that adoption is a lifelong commitment.  Since the 1930s we have placed over 3,300 children in adoptive homes.  Many of those individuals are now attempting to reconnect with their relatives. Post Adoption Search is a program that allows any adult member of the adoption to gain knowledge about the other parties such as non-identifying medical information, or contact information. In cases where members of an adoption group mutually agree to be reunited, Catholic Charities’ staff provides counseling to assist the individuals in emotionally preparing themselves, and evaluating readiness for the event.  Most often, staff is asked to participate in the first meeting.

Post Adoption Search available throughout the Archdiocese with program headquarters in Dubuque.

  • To learn more about the program, or talk to someone about initiating a search call 800.772.2758
  • Click here to read one volunteer’s story about reuniting and providing closure for families