Jail & Prison Ministry


Community Re-entry Program


Offenders and ex-offenders can be some of the most vulnerable members of our society.  Individuals released from jail or prison often return to their communities with no employment, home, or support system and need to overcome the social and psychological challenges of incarceration. 

Through a vast network of volunteer mentors and support groups, Catholic Charities’ Jail & Prison Ministry program strives to prepare and support ex-offenders as they work toward positive re-entry into family and community life.  Mentors meet with offenders in prison or jail as well as after their release to provide the needed support to resist relapse into old habits and lifestyles. 

The program helps ex-offenders establish positive relationships, experience healthy social activities, and connect with community resources that can aid in finding work, affordable housing, and meeting basic needs.

Jail and Prison Ministry program available throughout the Archdiocese, with Area Coordinators in Ames, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque (Program Headquarters), Marshalltown, Mason City, rural Northeast Iowa, and Waterloo.

» View our Jail & Prison Ministry Brochure – Click Here

» To learn more about this program contact: Deacon Bill Hickson, Jail & Prison Ministry Coordinator at 563-588-0558 or DBQCCCJPM@dbqarch.org 

» If you are interesting in Volunteering for this program, please visit our Volunteer Page or contact Teresa King, Community Outreach Coordinator at 319-272-2080 or Teresa.King@dbqarch.org