Response to Executive Action with Resources


Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Dubuque’s Immigration Legal Services has received numerous inquiries from communities with concerns about what the future may hold.  We hope to work with the new administration to protect all human life, especially the most vulnerable. We remain in solidarity with those we serve and will continue to do the work that our moral teachings and Pope Francis calls on us to do to support immigrants and refugees.

Please click here for a message from Archbishop Jackels reflecting on Catholic teaching in light of Executive Order on Refugees and Immigration


Please click here to view Know Your Rights: Prepare for Encounters with Immigration Enforcement (English)

Please click here to view Know Your Rights: Prepare for Encounters with Immigration Enforcement (Spanish)


  • Make sure you have a Plan of Action to protect your family: complete a Power of Attorney (POA) document to be ready in the event you are not able to make decisions on you or your family’s behalf and/or have your Power of Attorney documents for your children in the event you cannot make decisions for your children’s future
  • Keep all your important documents (immigration documents, passports, birth certificates, property deeds, medical records, banking records, Power of Attorney, list of contacts of people you trust) in a safe place and or make copies and have a trusted person keep those copies
  • Communities may request Catholic Charities’ Immigration Legal Services provide a ‘Know Your Rights’ presentation in their community, which would include resources for immigrants about protecting their families, properties, and rights
  • Beware of notarios or others posing as immigration experts trying to take advantage of the current uncertainty, this could come in the form of promises to provide immediate ‘green cards’ or ‘work permits’
  • If you have an attorney, make sure he or she has your correct contact information
  • People should avoid negative encounters with law enforcement, any illegal activity or criminal conviction could have irreversible negative immigration consequences
  • If you believe you are or have been a victim of a crime, please contact an attorney or a BIA Accredited Representative for assistance regardless of your immigration status
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