Hurricane Harvey Special Collection & CCUSA Recovery Update

August 29, 2017

To Pastors and Parish Life Coordinators:

If you wish, you are invited to take up a special collection to aid people and places affected by Hurricane Harvey.

If you choose to do so, I would suggest that the collection be taken up sooner rather than later, either this weekend (1-2 September) or the following weekend (8-9 September).

Whatever monies are collected can be sent by check to the Archdiocese of Dubuque Finance Office, clearly marked as designated for Hurricane Harvey relief. That Office will then forward the donations to the USCCB.

The USCCB states that the monies will be used to support the humanitarian and recovery efforts of Catholic Charities USA, and to provide pastoral and rebuilding support to impacted dioceses.

Grateful for your consideration of this invitation, with kind regards, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Michael O. Jackels
Archbishop of Dubuque


Overview 8.29.17

Catholic Charities agencies in south Texas have been preparing since last Friday for Hurricane Harvey’s arrival.  San Antonio has been coordinating with Catholic Charities Corpus Christi to identify and deliver commodities requested by the agency there.  They have a stocked a tractor trailer rig with these supplies which will make their way to Catholic Charities Corpus Christi on Friday.  Catholic Charities in San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas and Oklahoma City are also creating additional shelter options for displaced individuals and families.  Catholic Charities agencies in affected areas are coordinating with local emergency and VOAD agencies to assess impact and identify needs.

Catholic Charities USA is coordinating the mobilization of staff of its member agencies around the country who are prepared to travel to south Texas and Louisiana to supplement the services of the affected agencies with additional counseling, case management and emergency response services.  As soon as it is possible to travel into the flood zone these volunteer Catholic Charities employees will deploy to the Arch/Dioceses of Galveston/Houston, Victoria, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Lake Charles and other areas as needed.

 The bishops of the United States have called for special collections to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  These donations are funneled through the National Office of Catholic Charities USA to be distributed as long term disaster recovery grants to agencies providing disaster recovery services.

Kristan Schlichte, M.S.

Senior Director of Membership

Catholic Charities USA