Grief Support Group

Catholic Charities is pleased to sponsor, in partnership with the Dubuque Mercy Health Foundation, a grief support group to provide care and nurturing for those who are grieving due to loss of a loved one. This eight week support group is held in Dubuque and is facilitated by a Catholic Charities’ counselor.

The grief support sessions will be a safe and supportive environment to explore and express the many feelings associated with grief and loss. These sessions will offer comfort, as well as the practical tools to help with healing after the death of a loved one. Topics to be covered in these sessions include:

  • Learning what grief is
  • Tools to cope with grief
  • Making adjustments
  • How to move forward

Coping with losing a loved one is one of life’s great difficulties. Not everyone grieves in the same way. There are many varying patterns and outlets for grief.Stages of grief may include:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

However, not everyone experiences these stages in any particular order, nor do they necessarily experience every stage. Unresolved grief can manifest as anger, violence and sickness.

The Grief Support group will be held on Tuesday evenings at Catholic Charities’ Dubuque office at 1229 Mount Loretta Ave. In order to join or for more information please email Sr. Rita Cameron, Catholic Charities’ Counselor, at or call 563-588-0558