Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Dubuque is a social service organization that responds to persons in need and works to achieve justice in our society. Serving 30 counties in northeast Iowa, the programs of Catholic Charities include Mental Health Counseling, Post Adoption Search, Affordable Housing, Jail and Prison Ministry, Refugee Resettlement, Immigration Outreach, Pathway Partners, and Disaster Services. Catholic Charities' services are personal and confidential, and are provided to anyone in need living in the geographic area of the Archdiocese of Dubuque.

“I am a strong supporter of Catholic Charities because it’s mission aligns with my core beliefs, to help those in need and preserve life!”
Mark O’Brien
Becky Miller 2013
“I like being a Resource Advocate because our clients usually are lacking the basics in life for their family that most of us take for granted like food, housing, employment and safety for their children. Helping them to realize their potential and work to secure these basics is very rewarding. The smiles and hugs are priceless!”
Becky Miller, Volunteer
Pathway Partners
“My mentors in the Jail & Prison Ministry program genuinely took an interest in me, and it’s changed my life. I have a life today because of this program!”
Angel, Client
Jail and Prison Ministry
“Through a Circle of Support and Accountability, I am privileged to walk with someone who has offended our community but who desires a change of heart and a healthy, wholesome life. This partnership builds a relationship between an offender and Christian volunteers who can, non-judgmentally offer positive support in rebuilding a life. It is a humbling experience.”
Karen Zeckser, Volunteer
Jail and Prison Ministry
Melissa Brimeyer
“My interest in adoption began early, having always worked in social work or adoption fields. Later, as a stay-at-home mom, I continued this by assisting adult adoptees or birth parents to connect with one another. At first, it was for friends or neighbors, then others by word of mouth, then for an attorney, and now, I am happy to volunteer for Catholic Charities. I believe it is important for us to help people heal and by volunteering, I can help with that process!”
Melissa McDonald-Brimeyer, Volunteer
Post-Adoption Search
Mary Jo Rater 2013
“My husband and I have donated to Catholic Charities for over 25 years, and as I continue to learn more about the impact they make, it is an easy decision for me to keep financially supporting their work!”
Mary Jo Rater
Cedar Rapids
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