Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Dubuque is a social service organization that responds to persons in need and works to achieve justice in our society. Serving 30 counties in northeast Iowa, the programs of Catholic Charities include Mental Health Counseling, Post Adoption Search, Affordable Housing, Jail and Prison Ministry, Refugee Resettlement, Immigration Outreach, Pathway Partners, and Disaster Services. Catholic Charities' services are personal and confidential, and are provided to anyone in need living in the geographic area of the Archdiocese of Dubuque.

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“As my mother's caretaker, I was left homeless when she passed away, and unable to work due to health issues. I remember my mom saying, "if you ever need help, go to Catholic Charities," and that is what I did. That's where I found an advocate who helped me find an apartment and secure donated furniture. My daughter is happy, there is food on our table, and I feel blessed.”
Felicia, Client
Pathway Partners
Schaefer family
“We have a Christmas tradition in our family that our children research local organizations and decide who we will support financially. When they looked at Catholic Charities, they were amazed at the variety of lives they touch in such meaningful ways. It was an easy decision to say, “This is exactly who we need to support.””
Schaefer Family, Donor
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“" their first letters my birth parents both said ‘We made this decision out of love.’ It was very self-less. They made that decision based on what was best for me, not necessarily what was best or easiest for them...they wouldn’t see my first steps, the first time I rolled over — so they had to have a lot of faith that my adoptive parents would love me just like they loved me. It’s probably the most powerful selfless gift that they could give me and one that was given out of love. I am very blessed that both my birth parents were open to contact. Being able to express to them my thanks for giving me the gift of life and making an incredibly selfless decision with my best interest in mind was a really powerful experience. Not everyone can say that they have two sets of parents who love them like I do!””
Martha, Client
Post-Adoption Search
Dianne Heim
“This organization is filled with compassion for those who need our help. The Jail Ministry gives a second chance to people with serious addictions and lets them know we care and will do what we can to help them attain a new lease on life."God never shuts one door without opening another"”
Dianne Heim, Volunteer
Dubuque | Jail and Prison Ministry
anonymous user
“My Catholic Charities counselor was able to provide balance in a time of distress and give me guidance when I was emotionally distraught...It was a good choice for me to turn to Catholic Charities in the midst of extreme family crisis and I'm thankful this help exists in our community.”
Dubuque | Counseling
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